Don't forget to collect the memories on your journey. Remember, if you only focus on your destination you will miss out on the benefits of the journey. -Tanya R. Liverman


2018 Jar of Memories


I found this idea a few years back when I was looking for a New Year’s activity and a way to remember to be grateful for all the moments, both big and small, in my life.


Life gets hectic...we are living in an incredibly busy world...this is why self care is essential! In our day-to-day activities we often focus on what is not working...the obstacles and the failures…and we forget or disregard the beautiful moments that have occurred – these are the moments that can refill us when we are feeling down.

This year I encourage you to capture these moments in a jar…



2018 Jar of memories


What you will need: a mason jar (or something like it), a pen, and paper

Each day...each week...or when the moment arises, take a slip of paper and write down the beautiful moment that occurred.

Then, drop it into the jar.

These moments can be as simple as…‘A smile from a stranger at the grocery store,’ ‘A sunset,’ or moments during a vacation with friends and family.


That’s the beauty of life...these special gifts lie in the 'mundane' moments AND they also show up where we would expect them to be.... like a vacation. That’s where life gets magical. This is an incredibly beneficial self care exercise that helps you to stay grateful and present in your day to day life…it reminds you to always look for the magic.


At the end of the year you will pull all of the slips out of the 2018 Jar of Memories and read them over to see…to remember…how truly wonderful the year as been...and how beautiful life can be!


Happy New Year friends!

Photos and artwork by Sean Kelley.