Clear your space

the spaces we reside in hold our energies and without clearing it builds up. you can clear your space in a multitude of ways. the most simple is clapping or with the ringing of a bell. The sound of a clap or ring of a bell breaks the old energy and releases it. Whether its after a rough day, a fight with a loved one, or just a funky mood, clearing your space will help create more comforting surroundings.

engage in an act of kindness

The power of acts of kindness is magic.

IT can literally shift everything.

It can be as simple as a smile or holding the door for a stranger to to buying a coffee or paying a toll for someone you do not know.

engaging in an act of kindness not only makes the RECIPIENT feel good and potentially shifts their entire day, but it also effect you, and all who witnessed it as well.

kindness copy.jpg


Send a letter to a loved one

“snail mail” has become an arcaic concept, but I am sure we can all admit that we get a little excited when a letter arrives in the mail.

What if you provided that gift, that experience to another?

Perhaps it would be an old friend or a relative you rarely speak with, send a note to them and let them know they’re thought of.