Go for a hike, Get out in Nature

Nature is one of the most powerful healing tools on this planet.

the energy of the earth, plants. trees, and all sentient beings heal.

A few moments out in the wild melts stress away, and this is not just my baised opinion but what has been found in research and THROUGHOUT the history of humanity.

get out into nature and watch everything change, rebalance, and bring about new PERSPECTIVE to whatever is occurring in your life.

Declutter and donate

engage in some spring cleaning no matter what the season.

clean out that box or closet that has been bothering you for quite some time.

Give unwanted or unneeded items to another, or an organization that assists to those in need.

Let go of the old, Make room for the new.



Turn off your phone

technology is both positive and negative. it is wonderful for connection and knowledge. but we now live in a world where we are always reachable, and find difficulty in putting the phone down and being in the present moment without its presence.

A technology detox can be freeing.

Whether its an hour, a day, or a weekend, I encourage you to turn off your phone and see what gifts are there for you in its absence.