Alexandria Hotmer

My natural tendency has always been to help and to heal; this has taken on a variety of forms throughout the chapters of my life. For the first twenty-five years or so I was immersed in the arts; seeking to help people heal through storytelling. By my mid-twenties I felt unfulfilled and was called to a new chapter, one in which I could help people heal mind, body, and spirit. At the conclusion of a Yoga Teacher Training and Reiki Master/Teacher certification, my sister Greta and I created Twin Tree Healing, a company focused on the utilization of mind, body, spirit modalities for daily living. For ten years we taught in-person and online workshops, yoga classes, and guided meditations with Reiki healing. I witnessed many people finding relief and resolution with these holistic approaches, but there were still many that questioned the validity of these tools. Having the desire to resonate with as many people as possible, I returned to school and completed my Masters in Counseling Psychology. An incredible teacher encouraged me to further my studies and in August of 2017 I completed my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. I am currently in my postdoctoral year, working towards licensure.

We are all complex beings on our own journey; not one style, modality, or type of healing fits all. My goal with Autumn & Fig is to create a resource and platform for wellbeing to inspire you to return to the adventure that is your life!


Growing up, every Easter my grandmother would create the most elaborate Easter egg hunt. It would begin with a book written and illustrated by my grandparents and based around whatever I was into at the time. The story would conclude with a clue that initiated the hunt. Each clue was illustrated to the utmost detail, as if it were a page straight out of the book. The grand finale would involve a corner of the basement, an entire closet, or a half a room that was immersed in the most incredible murals and set pieces consistent with the theme; in the center a monstrous Easter basket. It was a truly magical experience and a memory that will live with me forever, and without a doubt, what spawned my love for creating.

To this day I idolize my grandmother for being a remarkable artist and an exceptionally creative individual, and someone of which I owe all of my artistic talents. In addition to my grandmother, I am, and have always been, inspired by the works of Shel Silverstein and the artistic talents of Bill Watterson, two extraordinarily creative souls. 

When Ali and I moved to the Bay Area, a new chapter, with it came a return to my love of the arts.

Frequently asked questions

What is Autumn & Fig?

Autumn & Fig is a resource and platform for wellbeing; a place to find simple and easy-to-use tools for those seeking daily peace, love, joy, and ease. 

Who are Autumn & Fig?

Autumn & Fig are two deceased loved ones who’s magic greatly impacted our lives and how we view the world. The name of this website is in honor of them.

Why is the logo a Bear and a Fox?

Animal and nature symbolism are very much apart of our day-to-day lives. A bear and a fox are symbolic references to Autumn and Fig.