Play is the highest form of research - Albert Einstein


Play a Game


Monopoly, Uno, Mancala, Apples to Apples, Heads up, and Charades are just a few of my family’s favorite games...


Games come in all shapes and sizes…you can play a game on your phone, the TV, or in the traditional sense, with a board, cards, or however it is set up.


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The point of playing a game is to have some downtime...a break from the every day...a moment to play and have fun.


Whether you are by yourself, with a group of friends, or family members, playing a game takes you out of the ordinary stressors of life, gives your brain a moment of rest, and most likely, as discussed in a previous blog, brings about some needed Laughter, shifting your entire focus.


Some of my most favorite memories have been playing games with loved ones…

Whether it is a Sunday evening, a rainy or snowy day, a night with friends, or perhaps a holiday gathering, I encourage you to take out a game and play...and see what happens...





Photos and artwork by Sean Kelley.