Life is an adventure, it's not a package tour - Eckhart Tolle


Reflect and Review 2017



As the year draws to a close, we have a tradition here at Autumn & Fig that I would like to introduce to you.

This is a self care tool that helps one reflect…revisit…and remember the year.

Looking back on one's life, can be helpful; you are able to see the good that has occurred in your life...and maybe, you will also see the parts that were not so much fun and maybe even disappointing, all opportunities for growth and the building of inner and outer strength. 




We live in an age where everyone carries a phone...and more often than not, we also use it as our camera.

A favorite New Year's activity for us is to look back at all the pictures we have taken over the past year.  

To sit down, get comfortable (maybe with some food and something to drink), gather with loved ones, connect your computer to the TV, and flip through all the photos from 2017.

It is amazing what you will discover…what you will remember…and to see how you have progressed throughout this adventure we call life.


In doing an activity such as this, there are a few friendly reminders…


Be Gentle With Yourself

Please try not to judge yourself on appearance, or whether you did not like how you looked in any of the pictures…

Please try not to judge yourself on what you did not accomplish this year. This is an activity…a review of what you did do, the adventures you did have, your overall growth.

Please remember that you are doing the very best you can…and that in and of perfect.


Further Activities

Looking back may trigger some thoughts and emotions…it is a great opportunity to journal what you experienced reflecting back...or even what you are grateful for...

Perhaps the activity helps you to clearly identify your goals for 2018…take some time to write out your resolutions...goals...and dreams...


Whatever the case may be, this can be a fun activity to do at the conclusion of a year. 

If you try it, definitely be sure to share your experience(s) with us through DM or on social media!


Sit back and enjoy it.

Reflect and review…time travel back to the beginning of 2017...and be grateful for all of it...the good, the bad, the ugly...for in the end...we are all together on this adventure we call life!

Much love friends.xo


Photos and artwork by Sean Kelley.